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FOAM GENERATOR (English Version) (CB002)

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FOAM  GENERATOR (English Version)
Product Detail  

        For  production  of  small  or  medium  ( 1 M3)  batchs  of  foamed  concrete.
Operated  on  electric power  and  compressed air.  Two modes  of  operation , 
manual  on/off  or  manual  on  auto  off.  One  suction  line  for  preblended
water :  chemical  feed.  Foam  lance  size  50 mm. in diameter  and  48  cm.
 in  length.


Technical  Data
        Size  of  cabinet   60 x 53 x 43  cm.
        Weight  of  cabinet    47   kg.
        Total  shipping  weigth   58  kg.
        Foam  Output  300-400     lt/min
        Electricel  supply  220V. 1-PH
        Compressed  Air  200   lt/min @ 6bars.
        *Dilution  Rate  30  parts water : 1 parts foaming agent
        *Expansion  Rate 20-25  times

        *  As used  with  EABASSOC  Foming  agent



    1.  Position the foam generator next to a pail of water-foaming agent solution.  
         ( 30 parts of clean water to 1 parts of EBASSOC Foaming Agent is recommended )
    2.  Connect the lance to the Foam Generator .        
    3.  Place the feed pipe into the pail.          
    4.  Blow out air hose to remove contaminants , and connect to the foam generator.
    5.  Start the generator by choosing the operation mode knob , turn the generator on/off 
          manually in manual mode or turn on manually and the machine stops at pre-set time 
          in auto mode          
    6.  At the finish of operations , flush the generator with just water by moving the feed pipe 

          to water tank, and operate the machine until only water comes out of the foaming lance.

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